What is your personnel brand

What is your personnel brand

What is your personnel brand ?

One of the key elements of the Students-2-work academy is the development of the personal brand. What do we mean by this and why is it essential in the competitive jobs market.

Students have to stand out and differentiate themselves, its essential to capture a positive difference in the competitive job market

What is the personnel brand ?

Simply it’s what you an organization perceives from a candidate. Where the only points for consideration are :

1. Your CV – Projects your achievements and aspirations
2. Your social media – projects a hidden you, think about its impact
3. Professional Media like LinkedIn can provide a projection on the professional you potentially are
4. Your first 60 seconds in the job interview, are you prepared, are you super nervous how is your body language ?

All these things build a picture of you in the clients heads – rightfully or wrongfully. Regardless its what going to give you a positive decision.

A critical part of all branding is to be consistent and provide a coherent message – Ask yourself, are you >

December 2, 2020

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