The Critical 7 seconds

The Critical 7 seconds

The Critical 7 seconds

The Students-2-Work academy is based o over 30 years of recruitment activity. From our and others experiences when a CV arrives you have 7 seconds to be considered for the next phase.

Always remember you are in a competition – you many have to be selected from 100’s of CV applicants.

The first seven seconds are vital to make the next stage

What are the critical criteria ?

1. As a student, is your course applicable to the role ?
2. Where are you based, are your location options clear ?
3. Is your CV clear and well presented ?
4. Do you offer something different ?
As your CV is processed it will fail on any NO in this list and will be rejected.

The Students-2-Work academy will guide you through a series of structured steps, making sure that you address any issues in your approach.

Pass this stage and you make the next cut, getting closer to your first role.

December 2, 2020

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