How long is the course ?

1 hour for seven weeks or a 1 day seminar

What is I need to discuss any aspect of the course

please send any queries or questions to info@students-2-work.com

What Language is the academy ?

Everything is currently in English, however we support students that have English as a second language

What will I learn ?

The academy has been developed by the MD's 30 years experience in recruitment of young talent

What do I have to do ?

Apart from attend and participate, you will be given a weekly task to execute which will enhance your success

How long will I be an academy member ?

As long as you like, the community and the Students-2-work team are here to support you.

Are the sessions recorded ?

All sessions are recorded and stored on Zoom servers - this is to ensure everyone's safety.

Join the Ready2Work list

Once you finish the Student2Work Academy you'll be added to the Ready2Work list, where you'll be matched with potential employers.
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